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Come hungry; come thirsty: Nevada’s menu is diverse and exciting. Discover traditional Basque cuisine, which dates back to the 19th-century Gold Rush and the influx of Basque immigrants from the Pyrénées (many of whom later became sheepherders in Nevada). Of course, there’s also Las Vegas’ A-list restaurants and Downtown’s more relaxed, farm-to-table cuisine, which champions the state’s considerable natural bounty. You can also tick off some destination dining experiences while you’re here – chowing down in a historic jailhouse, for example…

Basque Cusine 

Cowboy Country’s Basque Cuisine

Eat like a 19th-century sheepherder – with a few mod cons thrown in, thankfully – at Elko, whose restaurants were originally designed for Basque sheepherders to feel at home in. The city has a stash of excellent options: the Star Restaurant is a favourite of the local cowboys. Have a hearty, Basque-style lunch or dinner and sample delicious dishes such as steak, fried chicken, baked lamb or beef, French bread, Basque beans and baked potatoes.

Las Vegas Fine Dining

Enjoy fine dining, Vegas-style, in one of the city’s award-winning restaurants dished up by world-renowned chefs. You can expect pretty impressive views, too: the world’s Entertainment Capital of the World offers unrivalled perches overlooking the strip, fountains, light shows, lakes and pools. Reach for the stars (of the Michelin kind) at Joël Robuchon’s eponymous restaurant and Twist by Pierre Gagnaire; CUT by Wolfgang Puck, Hugo’s Diner and Restaurant Guy Savoy are other worthy contenders.

Downtown Vegas Dining

Downtown Vegas

Soak up the local cuisine in Downtown Las Vegas, where friendly, farm-to-table-style restaurants await. Take your tastebuds on a tour of the city with local foodie Donald Cortusi, whose Downtown Foodie Tour is one of Nevada’s tastiest attractions. You’ll get to taste three or four signature dishes at a clutch of brilliant restaurants, cherry-picked by the experts. We’re talking chicken and Red Velvet waffle sliders, sushi, steak – and some innovative cocktails…

Ely’s Jallhouse Casino

Jail-time kicks at Ely

If you’re secretly longing to put your partner, spouse or best friend/s in jail, this could be your chance. Settle in and sample hearty soups, succulent steak and flavoursome beans at the Cellblock Steakhouse, set in Ely’s Jailhouse Casino in White Pine County. You’ll enjoy your meal in a ‘cell’ (minus any unwanted inmates), with bars and all, making for an unforgettable dining experience. Behave yourself, or you might just get locked up for good…