Valley of Fire, Nevada

Drive the Loneliest Road in America, The Extraterrestrial Highway or Elko Cowboy Country.


The spirit of discovery runs deep in Nevada. Whether it’s the panoramic, uninterrupted landscapes or more communal lures – the world-famous Burning Man festival, for example – Nevada boasts an exciting, unforgettable array of activities and characters.

Satisfy your inner explorer here. From the desert oasis of Las Vegas in the south, up and over the mountain rises and sagebrush-covered valleys of the north central region to the adventure-packed northwest, unlimited experiences await.

Explore the incredible world around you. Indulge your inner foodie. Enjoy city thrills. Go for gold, whether in the glittering casinos or the historic mining towns. Admire the great outdoors; meet local artists and chefs; jump in with both feet; or just take it easy. Nevada is for doers – no matter what type of adventure you’re after…

The Loneliest Road in America

Travel Highway 50: a scenic and historic corridor through a land seemingly untouched by man. The Highway stretches all the way from California’s West Sacramento in the west to Ocean City, Maryland, on the east coast; Time magazine called the road the ‘backbone of America’. Travellers who complete the journey will be awarded with a survival certificate signed by the Governor of Nevada.

Cowboy Country: Elko

Elko is in the heart of Cowboy Country, a region where Old West hospitality is the rule, and the famous cowboy culture of old Western films comes to life. Visitors can stay on working-class cattle ranches, attend the Annual Cowboy Poetry Gathering or visit a microbrewery for a taste of some award-winning ales (horsing around is thirsty work, after all). Elko is backdropped by the spectacular snow-capped Ruby Mountains, aka Nevada’s Alps; the region offers unrivalled hiking, fishing, trail riding, heli-skiing and other adventures.

Ride the Nevada Northern Railway in Ely

Ely’s most prized attraction is its Ghost Train: an authentic steam-engine train on the Nevada Northern Railway, which transforms into the Polar Express at Christmas. The track was laid more than a century ago, connecting one of the largest copper mines in North America with the Transcontinental routes to the north. Hop on one of the 90-minute journeys and sign up for the ‘Be the Engineer’ experience: you’ll get to run a locomotive, and drive the train.

The Extraterrestrial Highway

The Extraterrestrial Highway cuts across the Nevada desert for 98 miles. It earned its title in April 1996, thanks to hundreds of claims of UFO sightings along the lonely stretch of road, plus its proximity to the mysterious former nuclear testing facility, Area 51 (which was only recently acknowledged by the CIA). Embark on a self-drive of this iconic route and discover quirky Americana; you’re bound to meet unusual locals, whether extraterrestrial or otherwise…